Song & Dance - Ages 3-5


Choose any Angelina Ballerina or Kinderjazz class along with any preschool music class for the same student and receive a discount.


This class combines the basics of dance along with the basics of music. Many concepts in both music and dance such as rhythm, expression and listening skills complement each other and this combination of classes help the child develop stronger skills in both music and dancing. This class is taught by 2 instructors – one a specialist in dance and the other a music instructor specializing in preschool music. The individual components of each portion are identical to taking preschool music or preschool dance as their own separate classes. Simply choose one preschool music class and one Angelina Ballerina or Kinderjazz class.


In the music part of the class students will:

In the dance part of the class students will:

Preschool Music and Dance classes in Surrey (Guildford) Langley (Walnut Grove) and White Rock